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"Some cases should never be opened."

While her talents are well known and respected in the movie industry, Renee Zellweger has proven herself a remarkable actress of versatile talent. Although her fans are more familiar with her comedic and dramatic works, Renee Zellweger shows her acting prowess in the suspenseful thriller, Case 39. What makes this film so unique is that it offers a never before considered perspective when it comes to this type of film; the perspective of a social worker. Zellweger offers a moving portrayal as a caring and concerned social worker who is given the case of a young girl who has suffered many abuses at the hands of both parents and foster parents.

Zellweger decides to take the young girl in herself in until she can get to the bottom of the mystery that seems to surround the little girls life. The little girl quickly becomes attached to the Zellwegers character and decides that she wants to stay with the her forever. Although there are plenty who offer objections to this arrangement those individuals seem to meet with untimely and horrendous accidents, silencing their objections most effectively.

It isnt long before Zellweger quickly realizes that all of the times that the little girls parents and foster parents attempted to harm the little girl it was out of self preservation and desperation. As it turns out the little girl is pretty much the embodiment of evil and means nothing but misery and eventually death for those unfortunate enough to find themselves the recipients of the little girls affections. Now, unfortunately Zellwegers character is the recipient of this horrendous affection.

The film comes to a climax as Zellweger attempts the same as those before her, to destroy the little girl before she can cause any more horror or deaths to those around her. Just when it seems as if there is nothing Zellweger can do to end the girls tyranny she is presented with an opportunity and seizes it in the hopes of finding freedom. The film offers an air of high suspense and thrills as well as twists and turns that leave the audience guessing and sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what can possibly happens next.

| 2010 | 1 hr 49 min | 6.2/10
Christian Alvart
Case 39

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