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Over the past centuries, billions of people have read the Bible and interpreted it through their own unique lens of understanding. Some people read the Bible and are moved to develop a host of conspiracy theories. Combined with a knowledge of history at the time that the books of the Bible were written, these people can craft very convincing theories about hidden truth that lie behind the words.

Sundays 9:00 PM et/pt on Science
2 Seasons, 5 Episodes
December 14, 2014
Drama, History, Mini-Series, Religion
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  • A controversial ancient artifact known as the James Ossuary could reveal new light on the life and death of Jesus, and writing on the unusual relic might lead archaeologists to the location of the Jesus Family Tomb.

  • Gathering dust at the British Library is a 1500-year-old manuscript, written by an anonymous monk. After millennia of rumors, this seems to be the first solid written evidence that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.

  • A scientific investigation of 2,000-year-old bones may hold the key to the Crucifixion, revealing that the classical depiction of Jesus on the cross may be all wrong.

  • The show examines conspiracy theories regarding religious sculptures.

  • A look at conspiracies surrounding the nails of the cross.

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