Bill Moyers: God and Politics

In this series, veteran journalist Bill Moyers tackles the two subjects that we tend to avoid while in polite company: religion and politics. Moyers explores the role of Christianity in political life, examining everything from Washington DC's Christian right to Central America's evengelical missions. Bill Moyers' God and Politics is must see for any viewer craving some interesting food for thought.

Acorn Media
1 Season, 3 Episodes
January 1, 1987
Bill Moyers: God and Politics

Bill Moyers: God and Politics Full Episode Guide

  • The struggles among Baptists and other American fundamentalists have focused around one pivotal issue: the believer's view of the inerrancy of Scripture. Once persecuted, Baptists now form the largest Protestant denomination in the United States--but one often wracked by controversy over who can call themselves a Baptist.

  • Central America has long been an area of focus for U.S. missionaries. Some have gone to the region to promote social justice for the poor, others simply to save souls. Both approaches can reflect different political agendas, too. How can the same Gospel manifest itself in such divergent ways?

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