Drive Thru History: Holy Land Video Bible Study

In these sessions you will learn why God's eternal, unconditional promises to Abraham simply cannot be separated from the land itself.

4 Seasons, 12 Episodes
August 3, 2012

Drive Thru History: Holy Land Video Bible Study Full Episode Guide

  • In Episode 12, "Prophecies, Crucifixion, Resurrection & Church of the Holy Sepulcher," you will study the sites of Jesus' death and resurrection and find some amazing evidence of the accuracy of the biblical account.

  • In Episode 11, "Hezekiah's Tunnel, Kidron Valley, Mount of Olives & Garden of Gethsemane," you will look at archeological studies of events that took place in Jerusalem and what effect they had on Israel's history.

  • In Episode 10, "Mount Moriah, Temple Mount & Western Wall," you will explore Jerusalem and its importance to history as well as to modern Jews today.

  • In Episode 9, "Caesarea Philippi & Caesarea Maritima," you will explore ancient Caesarea Philippi and King Agrippa's Palace as well as Herod the Great's engineering marvel that provided the land with a "modern" Roman port at the time of Christ.

  • In Episode 8, "Sea of Galilee, Nazareth & the House of Peter," you will examine a number of significant events during Jesus' ministry that took place in this historically rich and beautiful region.

  • In Episode 7, "Christmas, Prophecies & Bethlehem," you will learn a few surprising secrets about the birth of Jesus as you examine history, tradition, and the biblical record.

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