Gods in the Sky

Gods in the Sky is a British television series where a British historian of science, Professor Allen Chapman, engages the viewers of an astronomical religious look at ancient history. The professor uncovers ancient astronomical religions and advance scientists in earth's ancient past. This in depth look also brought information to light on the lives of the five greatest thinkers of all time.

Gods in the Sky

Gods in the Sky Full Episode Guide

  • In the third and final part of Professor Allan Chapman's unusual look at the history of astronomical religion, he travels to Rome and Cairo, and argues that, contrary to widely-held…

  • Professor Allan Chapman explores the world of the ancient Greeks, as the first great seafaring people they needed astronomy for navigation as well as time-keeping. And the freedom that…

  • Professor Allan Chapman travels to Egypt, where he tells the story of the ancient astronomer priests and their over-sexed gods.

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