Watch Monday Night Football

Time: Monday 8:30 PM ET/PT on ESPN

Monday Night Football is a live broadcast from the National Football League that features two teams playing against each other in primetime television. The popular featured football game is broadcasted on ESPN and was implemented in 1970, originally airing on ABC. A game was moved from the typical Sunday broadcasts of the National Football League in an attempt to increase viewers and provide a game for all of America to be able to watch.

From the beginning of its broadcast in 1970 it has been a very popular addition and has sparked the addition of the now common Thursday Night Football. Since the addition of this iconic Monday night primetime game, it has been a huge success and is hands down the most watched game of the week. In addition to this it trumps all other programs in its time slot and is watched from cities and towns all across the country.

The National Football League typically takes a few things into account when it makes the match ups for Monday night football games. The league and the commissioner identify certain rivalries and evenly matched teams from the previous season. They then match these teams to play in front of the nation on a huge stage to create a game that many people look forward to each and every week. The National Football league will often match division rivals and playoff match ups from the previous season, providing a chance for a losing team in the playoffs to avenge their loss in the current season.

Since the National Football League implemented this iconic game into the spotlight on Monday night it has been a huge success. Although the station broadcasting the program has changed from ABC to ESPN, the number of viewers and the overall rating of the program has not changed. Without question Monday Night Football is a game that is not going anywhere and will continue to be a heavy weight primetime fight that National Football League fans look forward to all week.

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