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Mysticons, picked up for 40 episodes, is a half-hour, animated action series about four girls who transform into legendary warriors and band together to save their realm from an evil queen, Necrafa. Mysticons is licensed by Nelvana.

3 Seasons, 22 Episodes
August 28, 2017
Action, Adventure, Animation, Children
Cast: David Berni, Alyson Court, Nicki Burke, Ana Sani
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Mysticons Full Episode Guide

  • Arkayna defies the Astromancers and seeks out Proxima to spend some time with her long lost twin sister.

  • The Mysticons turn Zarya into a baby to infiltrate a fairy orphanage to discover the whereabouts of Arkayna's fraternal twin sister from its owners.

  • The Mysticons, Nova Terron, and Proxima race through ancient caverns to recover a spectral dragon egg before Tazma gets her hands on it.

  • The Mysticons follow Tazma back to Queen Necrafa's portal in a race to retrieve the completed Codex from the realm of darkness, only to reunite with an old foe, Dreadbane.

  • Em's first date with Kasey is rudely interrupted when Kasey is kidnapped by the evil pirate Captain Kaos; the Mysticons set off on a swashbuckling adventure to rescue Kasey, while Kaos wants revenge on Kitty and Zarya, who marooned him years ago.

  • Em gets frustrated with Arkayna bossing her around, but instead of voicing her anger, Em bottles it up using a service called Vex-Away; when a canister breaks, the condensed anger spills out into the city, infecting all the citizens with rage.

  • The Mysticons are considered outlaws. Meanwhile, Necrafa is on the hunt for two precious gems.

  • The Mysticons search for Arkayna's parents deep beneath the ocean and discover a society of mysterious mer-people.

  • Necrafa prepares for an all-out assault on Drake City.

  • Just when Arkayna has a chance to save her parents, Nova Terron orders her to destroy the Dragon Disk; the Mysticons conspire to save the Queen and King using the Disk, but with the Astromancers Tazma, and Kymraw chasing them, time is running out.

  • Dreadbane bombards Drake City with meteors, demanding that the Mysticons hand over their pieces of the Codex; the Mysticons must team up with Kitty Boone and her sky pirates to infiltrate Dreadbane's fortress and save the day.

  • All Piper wants for her birthday is a pet, but when the Mysticons get her a gumlump she finds out that she's in way over her head.

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