Unglued Video Bible Study

Author Lysa TerKeurst guides this six session study for personal growth. Aimed specifically at women, the guide examines how women are usually raised to keep their rawer emotions checked. Instead she teaches how they can learn to process these feelings in order to deal with conflicts and stress and to healthily manage and understand them without becoming unglued.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
August 4, 2012

Unglued Video Bible Study Full Episode Guide

  • In Session 6, "Imperfect Progress For The Unglued," you will learn to take God's hand, release what needs to be released, embrace a new season, trust his love and walk in the beautiful opportunity for imperfect progress.

  • In Session 5, "Lingering Words For The Unglued," you will learn how misguided thoughts can easily turn into perceptions that then turn into dangerous realities. Lysa will teach you to apply three key words to stop this "negative inside chatter."

  • In Session 4, "A Procedure Manual For The Unglued," you will learn to created a plan for dealing with your raw emotions by applying five key principles from Lysa's teaching.

  • In Session 3, "Four Kinds of Unglued," you will determine which type of reactor you are. You will also learn how choosing the good reaction is better than choosing the easy reaction.

  • In Session 2, "Freedom For The Unglued," you will learn the benefits of allowing God, the Master Artist, to chisel even your hardest places into something beautiful.

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