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We Bare Bears is an animated comedy series that follows the adventures of three bears as they look to make their way in life and become a part of everyday human society. The show is based around the lives of three bears, Panda, Grizzly and Ice who decide they should enter the human life and leave their existence in the wild. As they embark on their journey into human life the three bears are suddenly met by a series of problems, including the issue of people being scared of them because of their reputations for being dangerous.

The plot sees the three bears living in the San Francisco Bay area of California and attempting to overcome the issues they face moving from life in the wild to civilization. Not only do the three bears hope to live in the human world, but they also hope to become famous creating videos for the Internet. The bears often come into contact with different people who are either scared of them or wish to use them to add to their own fame. One of the major aspect of the production is the fact that the bears always have each other to rely on and help each other get out of difficult situations.

We Bare Bears is based on a comic using similar plot lines and the same main characters created by series creator Daniel Chong. The series feature a number of other characters, including a Bigfoot, a koala and two young girls who look to help the bears as they look to discover more about human life.

Mondays 6:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
5 Seasons, 101 Episodes
July 27, 2015
Animals, Animation & Cartoons, Comedy
Cast: Eric Edelstein, Demetri Martin, Bobby Moynihan, Keith Ferguson
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We Bare Bears Full Episode Guide

  • Nom Nom is ordered by his doctor to take a vacation. But he's paired with an unlikely travel buddy: Grizz.

  • A storm rolls in while the Bears are separated. Grizz looks after the Poppy Rangers. Panda is stuck with Charlie in his car. And Chloe and Ice Bear are in the city seeking a ride home.

  • The Bears participate in a brother-themed game show against Panda's ex-BFF, Tom, and his roommates.

  • The Baby Bears help a teenager accomplish his dream of being a famous singer.

  • Chloe and Ice Bear drive up north to find the perfect Christmas tree. Meanwhile, Grizz and Panda are in charge of decorating Chloe's house.

  • Grizz helps Ranger Tabes and the Poppy Rangers play a game of kickball against their rivals.

  • The Baby Bears sign up for a game of laser tag, hoping to win some ice cream. But, the round of laser tag turns out to be less of a game and more like a war zone.

  • In search of some adventure, the Bears ride a tube down a dangerous river.

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