WEIRD Video Bible Study

WEIRD Video Bible Study is a funny television series about a guy who organizes a shallow bible study group. In this film, it portrays a funny side of dealing with emotions and problems. In reality, it's just a small of shallow group, often called "superficial", who just wants to sit back, chill, eat, and have fun.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
January 3, 2012

WEIRD Video Bible Study Full Episode Guide

  • In Session 6, "The Weirdest Blessing Possible," we learn about accepting our divine assignments.

  • Session 5, "Weird Makes You Truly Sexy," teaches us about the importance of putting a distance between ourselves and our temptations.

  • Session 4, "Pleasing God is Weird," teaches us about the traps of people-pleasing.

  • Session 3, "Weird That Money Can't Buy," teaches us to put God first in our finances.

  • Session 2, "It's Time to Be Weird," teaches us about saying no to the good to make room for the best.

  • Session 1, "The God Kind of Weird," teaches us about being different for a purpose.

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