Who Was Jesus?

Jesus is one of the most well known people in the universe, however not to many shows have tackled the topic of who was Jesus? This show tackles this topic head on and shows different things in his life including what was going on in his time. It also attempts to do something nothing else has ever done, and deals with what happened in his younger days.

Discovery Channel
1 Season, 3 Episodes
January 21, 2018
Documentary & Biography, Mini-Series, Religion, Science & Technology
Cast: Allen Callahan, Rachel Havrelock, Israel Hershkovitz, Byron R. McCane

Who Was Jesus? Full Episode Guide

  • While in Jerusalem, everything Jesus did was a political challenge to the Roman authorities and the High Priest of the Temple. Three experts unearth the reality of his attempt to free his people from oppression.

  • Three experts unearth the reality of Jesus' life and times, and discover a world of starvation, injustice and desperation for salvation. Jesus was one of many miracle makers who sought to make their people free.

  • A journey through the Holy Land with three expert guides who investigate the latest archeological and historical evidence to put together a portrait of the early years of Jesus and the forces that shaped his life.

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